The plight of children with Scoliosis

On the 21st September I raised with the Minister for Health the plight of children with scoliosis awaiting surgery and the worring possibility that the Government will miss their own waiting time targets.

Leaders Questions with Frances Fitzgerald

On the 9th of November I spoke at Leaders’ Questions and asked the Government to undertake an investigation into the current and historical use of the drug sodium valproate, better known in Ireland as Epilim.

Our plans for a National Health Service for Ireland: SFAF17


This is my contribution to the televised section of the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis from Dublin in November 2017. The solution for healthcare in Ireland is a national health system, free at the point of use.


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Questioning the Minister for Health about Consultants contracts

On the 22nd November in the Health Committee I questioned the Minister for Health on the Primetime Investigates programme of the previous evening on RTE. This showed serious failures in HSE oversight and some consultants disgracefully abusing the system and breaking their contracts by not working their publically contracted hours.

A National Health Service for Ireland

On the 9th October, North and South Sinn Féin launched our discussion document on creating a National Health Service in a United Ireland. Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right in a modern civilised society. We need to build a National Health Service for all of Ireland that values its health workers and ensures fair pay and good working conditions for all. Read our full list of proposals here:…/2017/United_Ireland_-_Health2.pdf